Card and ATM Fraud

We are continually monitoring our security measures to protect your transactions and to detect unauthorized activity. While we continuously monitor for unauthorized activity behind the scenes, you can help protect your accounts by taking simple precautions before, during, and after card or ATM transactions.

Debit & Credit Card Security Tips

  • Always keep your debit card in sight when conducting transactions.
  • Memorize PINs-don't write them down.
  • If using a PIN, shield your PIN with your hand or body to prevent someone from stealing it.
  • Only shop on secure websites. Make sure any internet purchase activity you engage in is secured with encryption to protect your account information. Look for "secure transaction" symbols like a lock symbol in the lower right-hand corner of your Internet browser window, or "https://..." in the address bar of the website. The "s" indicates "secured" and means the web page uses encryption.
  • Never send your card number via e-mail.
  • Report a lost or stolen card immediately.
  • Check statements for unfamiliar transactions.
  • Destroy duplicate receipts.
  • Carry only the cards you need, but keep all your cards secure.
  • If you receive a replacement card, destroy your old card.
  • Do not give your card number over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • Return calls promptly when contacted by The National Bank of Indianapolis to verify suspicious or unusual card transactions.

ATM Security Tips

  • Avoid using an ATM alone at night; if you must, be sure the area is well lit.
  • Shield your PIN with your hand or body to prevent someone from stealing it.
  • Don't use an ATM if you notice suspicious activity nearby.
  • Don't use an ATM if the machine looks like it has been tampered with in any way.
  • Don't count your money at an ATM.
  • Keep your car running, doors locked and windows up when at a drive-up ATM.
  • Fill out deposit slips and other forms before you use an ATM.

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