The National Bank of Indianapolis is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy for the Bank and for our clients. We have implemented many Security Features that are designed to safeguard your accounts and your personal information. We also strongly suggest that you follow our Security Recommendations to help keep your Internet activity as secure as possible.

Report lost passwords & suspicious activity immediately to:

Private Portrait Support
Local         317 261-9725
Toll Free   877 233-9500

Corporate Portrait Support
Local         317 261-0333
Toll Free   877 233-9500

Credit Card Support
Local         317 261-9205
Toll Free   866 409-9749

Computer SecurityLearn about security features The National Bank of Indianapolis offers for online account users.

Online Transactions Learn about security software and the things you should do to guard your information while at home and away.

Mobile Security — When you use The National Bank of Indianapolis Mobile App, you're protected with the same technology that is provided with your Private Portrait online account.

Account Monitoring — Regularly monitor your account activity on your own and set up account alerts so you can quickly identify fraudulent activity.

Identity Theft Educate yourself about identity theft prevention and lower the risk of having your identity stolen and your financial security compromised.

E-mail Fraud and Fake Websites — With an overflowing inbox it can be hard to spot a fraudulent e-mail. However, there are some key tell-tale signs when you have a spoof on your hands.

Card & ATM Fraud — There are simple things you can do when using your debit and credit cards to help prevent fraud.

Check Scams — Requests from unfamiliar parties to wire transfer money out of your account after depositing their check or money order may be sign of a popular scam.

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