Personal Banking offers debit/ATM card text and email alerts. Bank confidently. Receive email or text alerts whenever your card is used.


Simply go to the DEBIT CARD ALERTS page, accept the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


Then register your card by entering your 16 digit card number and 4 digit PIN. This is the same PIN you would use with your Debit or ATM Card at an ATM or Point of Sale.


Click the "Alerts" link on the right hand side of the page to add, update, or remove your alerts.


A 1-800 number is included with all alerts listed below for customers to call with questions or to obtain more information regarding the alert.


Funds Added: an alert if the balance on the primary checking account to which a card is linked, is increased for an amount greater than or equal to a predetermined threshold amount as a result of a card-related transaction, such as an ATM deposit, purchase return, refund, account-to-account payment, or transaction reversal.

Funds Removed: an alert if an ATM/PIN purchase occurs and the amount is equal to or above a predetermined threshold amount.

Signature Transaction: an alert if a signature authorization transaction occurs and the amount is equal to or above a predetermined threshold amount.

Card Status Change: this is a real-time alert sent if there is a change in card status, such as activated, closed, deactivated.

Declined Transaction: an alert when a card transaction is declined due to insufficient checking account balance, exceeding daily transaction limit, incorrect PIN used, or card related.

Card Not Present: an alert if a transaction occurs where the card is not physically swiped through a card reader.

International Transaction: an alert if a card transaction occurs in a country outside the United States.

Out-of-State Transaction: an alert if a transaction occurs in a state, territory, or military address code other than that of the customer’s primary residence.


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