Wealth Management with a Personal Touch
Trusts and Estates
Our Trust and Estate services are delivered in a private and confidential manner with respect to grantors, beneficiaries, and family members.
Estate and Tax Planning
Estate Settlement
Personal Trust Administration
Charitable Planned Giving
Directed Trust Services
Family Foundations & Partnerships
Life Insurance Trusts

In the ever-changing world of financial services, the Trust and Estate Department of The National Bank of Indianapolis is a constant. Count on People you know to look after loved ones with compassion and responsiveness.

Retirement Plan Services
We provide a broad spectrum of retirement products and services designed to guide individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations toward a successful future.
Profit Sharing Plans
Money Purchase Plans
401(k) Plans
Defined Benefit Plans
Pension Distribution Reporting
Managed IRAs
Simple 401(k) & IRA Plans
Non-Qualified Plans & Rabbi Trusts
Directed Trust Services
1099R & Tax Withholding Services

Gemstone 401(k)

Daily Valuation Plans

keystone 401(k)

Employee Education

Our retirement service professionals monitor and interpret the range of highly-complex regulations that impact your managed IRA or retirement plan.

Diamond Capital Management
Diamond Capital Management offers fee-only portfolio management services for individuals and institutions with assets of $500,000 or more to invest.

To maximize return and limit risk, our investment discipline emphasizes diversification and the use of high-quality securities. To achieve superior investment results for our clients, we utilize a core intermediate fixed-income strategy coupled with a growth equity management style.

At Diamond Capital Management, we believe financial success is the natural by-product of sound, time-tested investment principles and processes.

Proper Diversification
High Quality Securities
Consistency Over Time
Investment Policy Statement
Asset Allocation
Sector Allocation
Security Analysis
Portfolio Construction

Diamond Capital Management offers customized portfolios to meet the specific objectives of each client by experienced investment professionals.   More details.

Market Street
With a MARKET STREET FUND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT, you get the specialized knowledge of your own Personal Investment Officer who offers expert solutions for your long-term success.

Your Market Street Fund Management Account includes:

Individually customized assessment
Professional selection of funds
Tailored investment models
Automatic adjusting and rebalancing
Daily online access
Regular performance reporting
Annual review
Lower minimums
No load or sales fee
Exceptional service

Market Street Fund Management Accounts are structured for investments starting at $10,000 and are a simple, yet sophisticated way to start an investment portfolio with us. For those just beginning, Market Street is a convenient introduction into the world of investing. For the more seasoned client, it provides a more diversified portfolio of mutual funds and a level of risk consistent with your goals and preferences.

Other Wealth Management Services
Cash Management Accounts

Custodial Relationships

Products offered not FDIC insured.
Products offered may not be a deposit, or other obligation of the bank, and not guaranteed by the Bank.
Products offered may involve investment risks, including principal amount invested.

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