Mobile Security

Security Tips for Safe Downloads

  • When downloading The National Bank of Indianapolis Mobile App to your mobile device, be sure to go to a trusted source such as the App Store on the iPhone and iPod touch, or Google Play on your Android device, rather than a third-party source.
  • Before you download The National Bank of Indianapolis Mobile App, we recommend that you go to on your mobile device for instructions.

Ways to Keep Your Information Safe

  • Download anti-malware protection for your phone, tablet, e-reader or any other device that has mobile access to the Internet. This software should be able to scan the device, identify and remove malware, plus check applications for malware before downloading from application stores.
  • Do not root or jailbreak your mobile device to get around limitations set by your carrier or device manufacturer. It will remove any protections built into the device to defend against mobile threats.
  • Beware of everything you download onto your smart phone, especially applications. Only use reputable application markets. Look at the developer's name, check out reviews and star ratings. Always check the permissions an application requests and ensure that the permissions the application requests match the features the application provides.
  • If your phone is stolen or lost, the first thing you should do is to contact The National Bank of Indianapolis to report the incident. Just call 317.261.9725 or toll free 877.233.9500 and ask for Private Portrait Client Support.
  • In addition, call your wireless carrier (or visit their website) to report the incident and suspend your mobile number.

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